How do you lay a ghost?

How do you lay a ghost?

Oh, you sick and twisted puppies, get your minds out of the gutter.

Though I must admit, when I came across that line in one of my favorite books I burst out laughing.

‘The Ghost and Mrs. Muir’ by R.A. Dick (Josephine Leslie) was written back in 1945. The movie was made in 1947.

In my copy on page 18 and top of the page it states:

“Some one should lay him,” said Lucy. “How does one lay a ghost?”

In a way, this line shows us how things change. Different words bring up diverse images depending on the person. Circumstances, experiences, even age can trigger a far different outcome from what the writer originally intended.

The line above was intended as a question of how to get rid of a ghost. Today with all of the supernatural fantastical romance erotica shows and books this line takes on a whole new meaning.

It makes you wonder how your story will sound to others years from now.


Page 19 in the second paragraph:

“I might even lay Captain Gregg, if he really does haunt the place.”

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