It seems like forever since I’ve posted anything.


At the moment, we’re figuring out our convention schedule for next year. We plan on returning to all the 2017 conventions and add at least two more shows to the 2018 roster. Rebooting all the books consumed a lot of our time, so it’s wonderful to be able to get back into writing.

Reid is working on a steampunk novel, along with helping a friend with one of their stories.

I’m also delving into the steampunk world. Teslapunk to be a little more accurate. The story still needs some work, but I’m almost done.

So far the only thing I’ve managed to come up with for a back cover blurb is:


Josephine Chattoway thought the only thing she needed to do was hide her madness and get married. Then she woke a band of gargoyles.

With her abilities exposed, she’s told she must help fight and capture a demon bent on consuming the souls of everyone in the city.

With the help of a reclusive inventor, the gargoyles might find the key to stopping the demon forever, but at what price?


Does it catch you?

We have an artist lined up for the cover. Reid’s going crazy with cover ideas. Why? It might have something to do with dragons and his favorite artist.

I’m hoping I’ll be able to have the book ready for Christmas, but if not, early 2018. The working title in Malum.


I’ll need beta readers, so in anyone is interested, please feel free to email me at Make sure you put ‘Beta Reader’ in the subject line.


Definition of Beta Reader from Wikipedia

An beta reader is a non-professional reader who reads a written work, generally fiction, with the intent of looking over the material to find and improve elements such as grammar and spelling, as well as suggestions to improve the story, its characters, or its setting. Beta reading is typically done before the story is released for public consumption. Beta readers are not explicitly proofreaders or editors, but can serve in that context.

Elements highlighted by beta readers encompass things such as plot holes, problems with continuity, characterization or believability; in fiction and non-fiction, the beta might also assist the author with fact-checking.

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