Good News

Good news. After months of editing Reid and I have all our books back up on the market. This also includes the last three Sav’ine novels that were never published.


I don’t want to jinx myself, but Emerald Tears is being made into an audio book. The narrator is Theo Hollis.

The Bermuda Triangles indomitable Ursa Kane is back. As for I Like Alice, cute and fuzzy space monkeys are once again stealing hearts.

If anyone is looking for Bast Fantasy, or Real Men Don’t Wax, don’t worry.  We put both novellas in the same book, added seventeen short stories, and called it Boxers & Briefs: Book of shorts.

Reid’s Koinobi Trilogy is up and running.

And wait, we have even more good news.

D.W. Vogel’s sequel to Predators of Eden is due to be released this summer.


We’re making plans and considering other conventions to add to our list for 2017. If anyone has a convention near them that they would like to see us at, please drop us a line.

For any book you read, please leave a review. Reviews are an author’s golden ticket into the chocolate factory.


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