What do you do with a pile of stories?

What do you do with a stack of short stories and two novellas? How about sticking them in a collection? Enjoy seventeen short stories and two novellas: serious, silly, or macabre.Boxers&Briefs_eBook

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Real Men Don’t Wax

Cinderella’s clueless. Prince charming, he is not. But that’s not going to keep one devil of a cat from having his happy ending. Join Mephistopheles as he tries to convince two people that their stars are well and truly crossed.

Bast Fantasy

An ancient race lives among us. They hide in the shadows. Some are benevolent, others not. For Edwin Cole, an ordinary college teacher, a chance encounter reveals both on the same night. Will a whole new life begin, or will it crush him beneath its claws?


First contact, bored technicians, demented seniors, and murderous pets. Here are a few short stories to make you laugh and wonder about the furry creature staring back at you.

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