We’re going back to plan A

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The biggest reason is that if we kept with plan B, it would take far too long to get the books reissued.
Reid and I have several friends. Most write in some form or another, short stories to magazines, novels to small press, or stories that go around to a select few. So far, none of us have gotten into one of the top five publishing houses. Sometimes I wonder if Vegas gives better odds. The top five is not a dream for me, nor is it my husband’s. We want to have fun with our lives. Part of that is writing stories people enjoy.
For those who don’t know, Reid and I are no longer with our old publisher. Luckily we were able to get our rights back.  At the moment, we are reissuing all the books and hope to have most, if not all, back out on the market by the end of 2017.
Plan B would have taken us at least five years and truckloads of stress. Plan A isn’t perfect, but it’s a lot more fun.

The plan for Reid’s Koinobi trilogy is Christmas 2016

The first four books of the Sav’ine are back on the market and are available on Amazon.
For the first time in print, the last three books of the Sav’ine series should be out by March 2017.

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