Rock Stars & Garage Band Writers

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One day a very worried mother asked me about writing. Her son wanted to forego college. He had his mind set on becoming a writer. When she told me this, I started to worry with her. Everyone needs a plan B.

This goes double, if you are planning to become a writer. Don’t quit your day job.

When people ask me about success in writing, I always compare it to garage bands. Everyone dreams of being on the big stage, but so few ever make it. Many either stop playing, or play only for family on every other holiday. Those who do make it out of the garage, (published) play down at the local pub. Most published writers stay in the local pub area. We need that day job or the spouse willing to support us.

Like music, only a select few ever make it to Rock Star status. Do you mind if I compare Stephen King, Alan Dean Foster, and Nicolas Sparks to Kiss, Led Zeppelin, and Aerosmith?

Don’t ever write and expect to make lots of money.

Write because you love it.

Write because you have a desire to get those words on the page or computer screen. Write because the characters in your head and the complicated worlds they live in want to come alive for those around you.

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