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After waking up from a plane crash, you find yourself in a 16th century Spanish estate.

The ‘butler’ tells you that you are in danger, and that he will help you.

He tells you there is a modern society on the other side of the island.


The journey is dangerous.

Do you risk it, and why?

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One Response to WHAT WOULD YOU DO…?

  1. Mark Aronson says:

    It’s a pretty clear choice: I can face unknown predators, unfamiliar terrain and untrustworthy strangers, all balanced by the possibility of regaining a semblance of my former life (assuming I LIKED my former life); or I can face the utter certainty of dying in fairly short order (and miserably) from one of the thousands of diseases or social conditions (e.g., rampant political murder) inherent in the less-than-enlightened Spanish Renaissance (remember the Inquisition?). Gives new life to the the notion of “…or die trying.”

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