Humor in Writing

Humor and the Written word.

By Stacy Bender

First lets get something straight, humor doesn’t translate well to the the written word. That is a clear and undeniable fact.

When it is accomplished, nine times out of ten, it has a shelf life. Not like good wine or fine cheese either. More like a gallon of milk or leftovers forgotten in the back of the fridge hiding behind the jar of mustard plotting its takeover of the world.

What is funny today may not be funny ten or twenty years from now. Even a mildly humorous story today could easily be viewed as mundane, tactless, politically incorrect (we’ve all heard that one) or possibly down right heresy. People and their mindsets change.

Take any Mel Brook’s movie, yes they are still amusing but how many people still get the VX reference at the Roman shop in his ‘History of the World’ to the U.S. Five and Dime stores that no longer exist.

This being said, I’ve been asked how I manage to write with a touch of humor. The simple answer is that I don’t… Try that is. In all honesty I try to write as seriously as I can or with some amount of sarcasm. Any humor that results is purely accidental.

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  1. Dale Wooten says:

    Thanks for mentioning VX. I spent ten minutes laughing and remembering that movie. It’s one of my favourites by the way. Almost as good as Young Frankenstein.

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